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By Alexandre V. Borovik

The author's objective is to begin a discussion among mathematicians and cognitive scientists. He discusses, from a operating mathematician's perspective, the secret of mathematical instinct: why are sure mathematical innovations extra intuitive than others? To what quantity does the ``small scale'' constitution of mathematical techniques and algorithms replicate the workings of the human mind? What are the ``elementary particles'' of arithmetic that building up the mathematical universe? The publication is saturated with fun examples from a variety of disciplines--from turbulence to error-correcting codes to logic--as good as with simply puzzles and brainteasers. regardless of the very severe subject material, the author's strategy is lighthearted and exciting. this can be an strange and strangely interesting e-book. Readers who by no means considered arithmetic after their tuition years can be surprised to find what percentage conduct of brain, principles, or even fabric items which are inherently mathematical function development blocks of our civilization and daily life. a certified mathematician, reluctantly breaking the day-by-day regimen, or wondering on a few resisting challenge, will open this publication and luxuriate in a unexpected go back to his or her younger days whilst arithmetic used to be clean, fascinating, and retaining all grants. and don't take the be aware ``microscope'' within the identify too actually: in reality, the writer appears round, in time and area, focusing in activate an incredible number of factors, from mathematical ``memes'' (genes of tradition) to an strange lifetime of a Hollywood celebrity. --Yuri I. Manin, Max-Planck Institute of arithmetic, Bonn, and Northwestern collage

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