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By Eoin Colfer

After being held prisoner for years, Artemis Fowl's father has eventually come domestic. he's a brand new man-an sincere guy, a lot to Artemis's horror. He makes his son promise to renounce his lifetime of crime, and Artemis has to head in addition to it. yet no longer till he has accomplished one final scheme. Artemis has developed a super-computer from stolen fairy expertise. known as the "C Cube," it is going to render all present human expertise out of date. He arranges a gathering with a strong Chicago businessman, Jon Spiro, to dealer a deal for the C dice. yet Spiro springs a trap-he steals the C dice and mortally injures Butler. Artemis is aware his in basic terms desire of saving his dependable bodyguard is to hire fairy magic; so once more he needs to touch his outdated rival, Captain Holly in need of the LEPrecon fairy police. it's going to take a miracle to save lots of Butler, and Artemis's good fortune could have simply run out.

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A genius, yes. A lawyer, hardly. ’ And suddenly the nurse was all charm. ‘Oh, a customer! Why didn’t you say so? I’ll show you right in. ’ ‘Tea would be fine. Earl Grey if you have it. ’ The nurse was quite prepared to accept sarcasm from an actual paying customer, and directed Artemis to a lounge where the style was, again, space age. Plenty of shining velour and eternity mirrors. Artemis had half finished a cup of something that was most definitely not Earl Grey when Doctor Lane’s door swung open.

Worthless! Perhaps in a medical facility he could do something. But here? What was here? An oven, sinks, utensils. Even if he did have the proper tools, he had not yet completed his medical studies. It was too late for conventional surgery at any rate — unless there was a method of heart transplant that took less than four minutes. The seconds were ticking by. Artemis was growing angry with himself. Time was against them. Time was the enemy. Time needed to be stopped. The idea sparked in Artemis’s brain in a flash of neurons.

No, no,’ said Artemis, smiling. ‘There are no laws against something like this. And there won’t be for at least two years after it comes out. ’ The American rested his face in his hands. It was too much. ‘I don’t understand. This is years, no, decades ahead of anything we have now. You’re nothing but a thirteen-year-old kid. ’ Artemis thought for a second. What was he going to say? Sixteen months ago Butler took on a Lower Elements Police Retrieval squad and confiscated their fairy technology?

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