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Food of the Gods: the Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge

Our tradition, self-toxified via the toxic by-products of expertise and selfish ideology,
is the sad heir of the dominator angle that alteration of attention
by using crops or components is one way or the other incorrect, onanistic, and perversely delinquent.

I will argue that suppression of shamanic gnosis, with its reliance and insistence on ecstatic dissolution of the ego,
has robbed us of life's that means and made us enemies of the planet, of ourselves, and our grandchildren.

We are killing the planet so as to preserve intact the wrongheaded assumptions
of the ego-dominator cultural sort.

It is time for swap.

Civilizations: Culture, Ambition, and the Transformation of Nature

In Civilizations, Felipe Fernández-Armesto once more proves himself a brilliantly unique historian, in a position to large-minded and entire works; the following he redefines the topic that has involved historians from Thucydides to Gibbon to Spengler to Fernand Braudel: the character of civilization.

Language in the Light of Evolution, Vol. 2: The Origins of Grammar

This can be the second one of the 2 heavily associated yet self-contained volumes that contain James Hurford's acclaimed exploration of the organic evolution of language. within the first ebook he checked out the evolutionary origins of which means, finishing as our far-off ancestors have been approximately to step over the threshold to fashionable language.

Body, self, and society : the view from Fiji

Anne E. Becker examines the cultural context of the embodied self via her ethnography of physically aesthetics, nutrients trade, care, and social relationships in Fiji. She contrasts the cultivation of the body/self in Fijian and American society, arguing that the inducement of usa citizens to paintings on their our bodies' shapes as a private pastime is allowed by means of their suggestion that the self is individuated and self reliant.

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Own and his his brother, in course, have a primary relative, a son, in the two nuclear families of which they were not themselves members. While the norm naturally does not prevail in all individual cases, the evidence is nevertheless overwhelming that the characteristic and crucial bond of union in composite families of every type linking members is the existence of close kinship ties of the constituent nuclear families. The polygamous family can appear, of course, only in societies which permit plural marriages.

It societies among patrilineal peoples. A number of Australian tribes, indeed, actually follow patrilineal descent while specifically denying the existence of any biological tie between father and child. " See T. , (1943), 26. XLV 23 See G. P. , XLII (1940), 555-61. 24 W. H. R. Rivers, Social Organization (New York, 1924), p. 86. See also B. Z. Seligman, "Incest and Descent," Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, LIX (1929), 248. SOCIAL STRUCTURE l6 Descent, in , fine, does not necessarily involve any belief that certain much less a recognition of kinship with ^ne parent to the exclusion of the other, although such genealogical ties are closer than others, j 1 notions have been reported in exceptional cases.

Where marriages are exogamous the community, however, spouses of one sex find themselves living among comparative strangers, to whom they must make new personal adjustments and upon whom they must depend for the support, protection, and social satisfactions which they have previously received from relatives and old friends. They thus find themselves at a considerable psychological and social disadvantage in comparison with the sex which remains at home. , when it is regularly the woman rather than the changes domicile.

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