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This ebook is an unique software of rhetoric and moral-emotions concept to the sociology of social events. It promotes a brand new interdisciplinary imaginative and prescient of what social activities are, why they exist, and the way they reach achieving momentum through the years. Deepening the affective measurement of cultural sociology, this paintings attracts upon the social psychology of human emotion and interpersonal communique. particularly, the ebook revolves round the subject of anger as a distinct ethical emotion that may be made to play an important motivational and generative services in protest. The chapters increase a brand new idea of the emotional strength of protest rhetoric, together with how abolitionist performances of heterodoxic racial and gender prestige imaginaries contributed to the escalation of the ‘sectional clash’ over American slavery.

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Abolitionist intellectuals tried to extend the honorable reputation of their home to the problem of slavery. They spoke of slavery as a deprivation of rights and as a form of tyranny much worse than the ‘taxation without representation’ that a prior generation of Bostonians revolted against. Lawyer-turned-activist Wendell Phillips along with his local abolitionist colleagues formed the Vigilante Committee of Boston. Together, they organized covert city safe havens for fugitives and arranged sources of aid to free blacks.

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These are the emotional microdynamics of social movement extension. I should note though that the distinction between altruistic and egocentric anger is a blurry one. Even when anger erupts at a perceived insult to the self, from a personal experience of a status–power threat, the trigger is often the perception of injustice, some unfairness or perceived moral violation of reciprocity and the social order over and above self-interests. As for the internal emotional dynamics of social movements on the other hand—the social–psychological processes of intensification—the production of egocentric anger is very effective in sustaining momentum, even more so than altruistic anger by itself.

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