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By Edward Gorey

This follow-up to the darkly humorous Amphigorey is wittier, extra macabre, and extra wondrous than ever. grasp illustrator and iconic gothic storyteller Edward Gorey offers his fanatics 20 extra nonsensically and mind-bending stories that draw fanatics and unsuspecting rookies right into a global basically he can create. Gorey’s pen-and-ink drawings spur the mind's eye and fulfill lovers of artwork and the nice storytelling. 
a number of the 20 tales during this assortment include:
“The Beastly Baby”
“The Pious Infant” 
“The Evil Garden”
“The Inanimate Tragedy”
“The Osbick Bird”
“The Deranged Cousins” 
“The deserted Sock”
“Story for Sara”
“A Limerick”

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