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By Peter G. Strasman

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22 Unbolt the flexible mounting and disconnect the front section of the exhaust pipe (photos). 22b Exhaust flexible mounting 35 Fig. 11 Disconnection points (Sec 11 ) Fig. 10 Cylinder block coolant drain plug (4) (Sec 11) 1 2 3 Radiator fixing screw Bracket Air cleaner clamps 6 7 Filter inlet Pump inlet 4 5 Crankcase vent hose Warm air duct Fig. 13 Fuel and heater hoses (Sec 11 ) Fig . 12 Radiator fan thermostatic switch (5) (Sec 11) 8 Heater coolant return Fig. 14 Brake servo and heater hoses (Sec 11 ) 11 Choke control cable 12 Carburettor choke levers 13 Brake servo vacuum line 14 Heater coolant flow Fig .

30 If the clearances are incorrect. record them for their respective valves and then remove the camshafts. 31 Take off the first cam follower and measure the thickness of the shim . Use a micrometer for this. By simple calculation. it can be established what thickness the new shim must be to provide the desired clearance. 010 in). In practice. it is often possible to interchange some of the existing shims to provide the new required clearances. 32 Fit the selected shims. cam followers and camshafts.

26 The valve clearances must now be checked. If the valves have been ground in or new valves fitted, it is very unlikely that the clearances will be within the specified tolerance, and the adjustment shims will have to be changed. 27b Method of turning the camshaft onto the cam follower. Using a feeler blade. check the clearance between the cam and the surface of the cam follower. Turn the camshafts as necessary to check each clearance as described (photos). 28 Viewing from the timing chain end of the engine.

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