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ALTA, n. s. PI. 6, Fig. 33. SHELL small, inequilateral, higher than wide, abruptly trun­ cated posteriorly; anterior end and base broadly rounded; beaks central, approximate, curved anteriorly; umbonal ridge acute, with a slight depression immediately in advance; surface posterior to this ridge abruptly descending to the posterior margin, and with a few radiating lines; anterior to it, the surface is marked only by faint concentric lines. Figure, twice natural size. Locality: Dun Glen, Sierra District, Humboldt County, Nevada Territory.

1844 Reticularia imbricata and lineata, McCoy. , p. 143. Martinia stringocephaloides, McCoy? , p. 144, pi. 22, fig. 8. Spirifera elliptica, McCoy. Brit. Pal. , p 427, 1855. Spirifera imbricata and lineata, McCoy. , p. 429. Spirifer setigerus, Hall. Kept. Geol. Iowa, vol. 1, pt. 2, p. 706, pi. 27, fig. 4, a, b. Spirifera perplexa, McChesney ? New Species Palaeozoic Fossils, p. 43. f T H E shell I have referred to the above widely distributed species may possibly be found to present some internal or other specific difference from Spirifera lineata, when a series of good specimens, entirely detached from the matrix, can be ex­ amined.

Whit­ ney collected in El Dorado Canon, near Dayton, Washoe, a species which may be * It is doubtful whether this name should be accepted. The description given by Montfort was so indefinite that it might be applied with equal or even greater propriety to the genus Glymenia. I prefer, therefore, to adopt the name given by the first author, who characterized the genus properly; especially since, with the exception of d'Orbigny, all subsequent authors have given it their sanction. 22 PALAEONTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA.

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