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By Alan R. Katritzky

This quantity, a part of a sequence on heterocyclic chemistry, is worried with medicinal chemistry, the place derivatives of aminomethylenemalonates are key intermediaries within the synthesis of antimalarial brokers and in addition fulfil different services, similar to being anticoccidials to be used in breathing infections, bone, joint and epidermis infections and as antibacterial brokers. The ebook additionally covers nineteenth century paintings at the constitution of aminomethylenemalonates, synthesis, different reactions and up to date study.

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D MOHAMMED A. E. SHABAN er al. D. BENZIMIDAZO-QUINAZOLINES 1. Benzimidazo[l,2-a]quinazolines Examples (172) of the title compounds were obtained from the reaction of 2-chlorobenzoyl chloride and 2-aminobenzimidazoles (171) (89KGS272). 9 qcl p. KyNR + 0 NyNR NH2 N -HCl 0 ( Z 2) 2. Benzimidazo[2,l-b]quinazolines Benzimidazo[2, I-blquinazolines 174 were prepared by condensing benzimidazoles carrying a leaving group at position 2 (173, LG = C1, NH2, SMe, S03H) with anthranilic acids [71GEP(0)2058185, 71JHC141; 75JMC447; 76USP3963720, 76USP40oO275; 79JCS(P1)3085, 79PHA138; 83JPR88; 85URPll82043; 87KGS 1673; 89KGS2721.

E. SHABAN et al. 46 [Sec. g. 246). It is worth mentioning that though the same synthetic pathway was used, some of these results [69IJC765; 72CI(L)255; 83AP569; 85AP502, 89IJC(B)274] are in contradiction with those (69USP3471497; 70MI2; 75JHC1207) described for the synthesis of the angular thiazolo[3,2-a]quinazolines and structural confirmation should be considered. 2Mercaptoquinazolin-4-one (247) was also cyclocondensed with the 2dichloro compound 248 to give the pentacyclic thiazolo[2,3-b]quinazoline 249 (88RRC291).

H NHEt Fe,AcOH R \ N V 5 4. Thiazolo[3,2-c]quinazolines Acid-catalyzed cyclization of 3-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2,4-dithioxo-octahydroquinazoline(266) was reported to give the thiazolo[3,2-clquinazoline 267 together with the linear thiazolo[2,3-b]quinazolines(268) (78PHA185). The mesoionic thiazolo[3,2-c]quinazolines(271),a resonance stabilized 14welectron system, were prepared by condensation of the sodium salt of the 4-mercaptoquinazolines (269) with a-haloketones (70IJC1065; 80H31, a-haloacids (85JOC1666; 89KGS408), a-haloesters [78IJC(B)3313, ally1 chloride (70MI1; 87LA103), or tosylhydrazones of a-ketoacid halides (84CC1348) to give 270, which was cyclized with acids to 271.

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