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Even if you do not intend to define any trigger on your database, you may still want to differentiate between RESTRICT and NOACTION, especially if the parent key in the referential integrity relationship is subject to operations that affect multiple rows, such as an SQL UPDATE statement. Note: For a discussion on how DB2 UDB for iSeries sequences the referential integrity rules and the execution of trigger programs, refer to Stored Procedures and Triggers on DB2 Universal Database for iSeries, SG24-6503.

Only one primary key constraint can be associated with a physical file. However, you can define multiple unique constraints over the same file. When a primary key constraint is added to a physical file, the associated access path becomes the primary access path of the file (for example, the access path used to access the file when the OPNDBF command is issued). If you want to define a primary key or a unique constraint over your CUSTOMER file with customer number (CUSNBR) as the parent key, you have several options from which you can choose.

Check pending This is the state of a referential constraint when potential mismatches exist between foreign and parent keys for a constraint relationship. 1 Constraint prerequisites You can find a full description of the prerequisites and limitations on the database files and the constraints themselves in Database Programming, SC41-5701. The basic requirement is that your parent key and foreign key must have matching field attributes and definitions. This section also points out some other considerations.

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