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The second one quantity of the DSKE includes Kierkegaard´s journals and notes from the years 1836 to 1846. The middle of the amount is made from exam arrangements and fabrics for his early paintings. of outstanding importance is magazine JJ (1842-1846), that may be considered as a dialogue discussion board and literary workshop paralleling his pseudonymous paintings; the amount additionally comprises Kierkegaard´s reflections at the breakdown of his engagement to Regine Olsen.

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But it is arguably not the greatest threat associated with current advocacy funding arrangements. This comes from the whole service culture in which local authorities and the NHS now operate. The roots of this culture lie in the revolution which swept through industry in the 1980s. Where previously the commercial and political worlds had been preoccupied with concerns about the production of goods, with questions about industrial strategy and workers’ rights to the fore, the Thatcher era saw these concerns replaced by a single-minded focus on meeting the needs of the consumer.

The advocate, for all their apparent suitability as a citizen or peer, may lack sufficient commitment to their role – or the partner may simply not like them. The advocate may not have the skills required for a particular situation, or may be inadequately supported. To put it another way, an advocacy scheme may be principled without necessarily being effective. While a certain blurring of aims and principles may be a hallmark of true advocacy, the confusion of aims with results should be challenged.

Do local minority groups know about the scheme, via publicity, word of mouth, local networks? Sensitivity. How does the service respond to enquiries from minority communities? Are there black and minority ethnic advocates available? Have all advocates had training on issues of race and culture? Is the scheme flexible and person-centred? 29 A right result? Language and cultural awareness. Do advocates and advocacy staff speak community languages? Does the scheme have a procedure for using interpreters?

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