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By Maximus Thaler, Dayna Safferstein

"What do i need to eat?"

Long earlier than supermarkets taught us what we should always purchase to consume, we easily regarded round and ate what seemed stable. A Curious Harvest marks a go back to this type of considering. targeting parts, from the typical to the curious, instead of comprehensive dishes Maximus Thaler of The Gleaner's Kitchen bargains a choose-your-own primer for getting ready tasty, nutritious nutrition with out dogma or procuring lists. inside of every one component is fantastically and reverently illustrated by means of Dayna Safferstein. On every one web page is information regarding storing and getting ready, while to roast and whilst to juice, and what is going good with what. What you won't locate are advanced recipes requiring dear journeys to the grocery store. the result's not anything in need of radical.

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Here is how to make them: ƨɢ Grate potatoes and onions with a hand grater or food processor and then mix them together with eggs, flour, salt, and flavorers. ƨɢ Fill a pan with about a half inch (1 cm) of high-temperature oil and heat it for a few minutes. ƨɢ Use a large spoon to add a spoonful of the mixture to the hot oil and press down to make a sort of patty. ƨɢ Be very attentive while the pancakes are cooking—it is very easy to burn them. Flip them after they turn golden brown. ƨɢ When the pancakes are cooked, quickly remove them from the fryer and set them on a plate with a layer of paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

However, it’s nice to serve it alongside asparagus or fresh leafy greens. indd 48 5/7/14 8:42 AM 5/7/14 8:52 AM (Text) (Fogra_F39)Job:04-41056 Title:RP-Curious Harvest #175 Dtp:160 Page:48 001-160_410 001-160_410 7/14 8:42 AM 7/14 8:52 AM vest :48 Bulgur Wheat Wheat is a highly productive cereal grain native to the Middle East. While wheat is most commonly ground into flour, its loose grains are often cut and boiled as bulgur wheat. Storage ƨɢ Bulgur wheat can be stored unrefrigerated in a dry place for several years.

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