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Enterprises have to establish hazards and probabilities of environmental adjustments that allows you to adapt to or potentially even to steer them. Early caution which includes scaning and interpretation performs a massive position during this approach. while the normal contingency strategy considers early caution as part of the organizational constitution, the prolonged contigency idea assumes the extra effect of an individual's character on early caution.

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9. 3 Strategic Issue Diagnosis and Organizational Sensemaking Strategic issue diagnosis focuses on the transformation of data into issues. 134 Apart from data obtained from scanning, three types of interpretive schemes serve as inputs for strategic issue diagnosis: 135 cognitive maps, political interests of the individual and issue characteristics. At the individual level the process itself is characterized by recursiveness and retroductivity. Recursiveness means that earlier interpretations are influenced by new data and judgments might be revised.

Ansoff (1976), p. 131. , p. 131. Part B Understanding of Early Warning in Literature and Definition of Important Terms 17 of crisis management which is necessary after a strategic surprise has occurred. Therefore, is not relevant to early warning. The latter, before the fact preparedness, focuses on the time before strategic surprises might occur and tries to find possibilities to avoid them. 111 The following section will concentrate on these two issues. Discontinuities can be foreseen by detecting weak signals.

German literature is used here as a synonym for literature written in German. For example literature by Swiss researchers of the University of St. Gallen on the method of networked thinking is included. See Steinle, Eggers and Ahlers (1995). The additional focus on chances depends on the generation of early warning or of the time horizon as seen later in this paragraph. See Krystek and Müller-Stewens (1990), p. 338. These terms are for example used by Hahn and Krystek (1979), Klausmann (1983) and Liebl (1996).

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