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30 III The Conquest of the Unorganized Masses 14, D, a. The Communists know that they are ineffective save as they succeed in carrying the massesalong with them. According to Stalin, who learned his mythology in a seminary at Tiflis, the Party draws its strength from the masses as Anteas drew his from the earth, which is to say: it must keep in the closest possible touch with them, place itself always on their level, understand their needs and their reactions. To fail to do so is to cut itself off from all possibility of leading them and getting results from them.

But the leaders were soon back and attempting to make up for lost time. “The Party” -we continue to quote from the instruction sheet just citedimmediately opened negotiations with the Kommandatura about the publication of L’Humanite’. The Germans took no exception to the copy we had prepared; but they did ask our comrades to publish the paper under a different name, suppress the words “Central Organ to the Communist Party,” and leave off the hammer and sickle. This our comrades refused to do-on the grounds that L’Hunmnite’ is the symbol of the entire movement and must therefore be retained as the name of its newspaper.

The writer draws this conclusion: Conditions are ripening for a formidable popular upsurge, to be led by the working classacting through its chosen instrument, the Communist Party. This party, despite the ordeal of the imperialist war and the difficulties imposed upon it by the current ban, today stands firm as a rock. The bourgeoisie, the constant prisoner of the innumerable economic and social problems it has itself created, is now playing its last cards. lO I I, B. The Bolsheviks, it will be remembered, had declared themselves in favor of “immediate peace” as early as March, I 9 I 7; and this fact had greatly strengthened their hand-both in the army and, in their subsequent campaign against “unity,” out over the country.

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