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22. Nunca nos encontramos durante el tiempo que vivi en esta ciudad. 23. En cuanto llegue el Sr. Smith, dimelo. 24. Una vez que has visto una, las has visto todas. 25. Cuando salia el tren, se acordo de que habia dejado el gas encendido. 26. Ahora que sabemos la verdad, podemos actuar en consecuencia. 27. Para cuando vengan, ya habremos terminado de cenar. 28. En cuanto lleguemos alii, encenderemos el fuego. 29. Nos contara acerca del partido cuando llegue aqui. 4. Apenas habiamos salido, cuando empezo a Hover.

I'm going to have my room cleaned. 23. I'm going to have my shoes resoled. 2 We had our house refurnished. 24. I'm going to have my hair done. 3. Why don't you have your hair cut? 25. Lilian is going to have her photo taken. 4. Last week I had my radio cassette stolen. 26. We must have that TV set repaired. 5. You're stupid! You had that explained three times! 27. We usually have our sitting room decorated every year. 6. I'm going to have my son trained. 28. I had a tooth out yesterday morning.

17. When I come back home I'll bring you a present. 18. He could hardly breathe when he entered the room. 19. No sooner they finish at one end than they have to start at the other. 20. She made the beds while he prepared the breakfast. 41 2000 bilingual phrases level 4 21. I won't say a word as long as you do the same. 22. We never met during the time I lived in this town. 23. Let me know as soon as Mr Smith arrives. 24. Once you have seen one, you have seen them all. 25. When the train was leaving he remembered he had left the gas on.

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