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By Sylvain Auroux, E. F. K. Koerner, Hans J. Niederehe, Kees Versteegh

This project represents the 1st devoted try at an entire assurance, either geographically and chronologically, of all linguistic traditions, from the earliest beginnings within the close to East of the 3rd millennium B.C. to present-day discussions in "cognitive linguistics". which means each attempt is made to head a long way past the normal Eurocentric debts which, for example, comprise the paintings of Indian grammarians simply because (and in basic terms as far as) they've got turn into of curiosity to the invention of the Indo-European language kinfolk, or which every now and then contain a small bankruptcy on classical Arabic linguistics as an alibi instead of simply because a decent attempt is made to wreck in the course of the Western (claim to) hegemony. equally, while non-Western traditions were included in recent times into basic histories of linguistics, the emphasis has frequently been on a couple of chosen figures, equivalent to P ntini (for Indic) or S| ~bawayhi (for Arabic). To therapy this example the editors have made up our minds to incorporate all linguistic traditions, either significant and minor ones, in order to provide an image that's as whole as attainable of all varied kinds the examine of language has taken in the course of the centuries. designated indexes of matters and phrases in addition to of biographical names will render this 3-tome guide the main entire, thorough, and updated study and reference instrument within the background of the language sciences.

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Early Chinese philosophers in general always recognized this context principle of saying and never felt seriously interested in an atomistic analysis of language in terms of names as such. Thus it is said in the Rites of great Dai: “To express one’s intent (zhi) leads to saying, to speak language [i. , to make statements] leads to names”. The Song Neo-Confucianist Shao Yong in his Huangji jingshi, guanwu neiwai pian, says: “For the ancient people names arise from speech” (fayan wei ming). To summarize, the difference between ming and yan is as follows: (1) Ming must be true to reality and therefore possess an ontological significance, whereas yan must be true to the intent of the speaker and therefore possess an intentional significance; (2) Ming must be established on the basis of human knowledge or understanding of perception, whereas yan must serve some practical purpose of life and action, for its truth need not always be a matter of correspondence-verification: it is also often conceived as a matter of practical or pragmatical fulfillment of expectation; (3) The institution of ming and even the possibility of the institution of ming requires some presuppositions regarding what there is, whereas the occurrence of yan does not require that in its application of ming, ming has a distinctive referent.

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