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Randy men donning ‘ sex goggles’ for ELECTRONIC romps with webcam versions

Randy men donning ‘ sex goggles’ for ELECTRONIC romps with webcam versions

PORN site punters can now don “sex goggles” and romp with webcam stripshow in virtual reality.

A popular “camgirl” site allows VR headset owners interact with models in a virtual 3D IMAGES space – as if these were in the same room.

Punters can now connect to “camgirls” using virtual reality headphones
Punters can now interact with “camgirls” using virtual reality headsetsCredit: Getty – Contributor
Virtual reality is a means of simulating computer environments by using a headset.

There are loads of popular headsets via top brands, including the Samsung Gear VR, the HTC Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s PSVR and the Google Card.

And while they already have primarily been used for participating in video games, webcam sex site Stripchat is now offering “fully-immersive cam shows” using VR headsets.

“Virtual reality makes the experience plus the joy of interacting with cam models even better than the genuine thing, ” said David Morales, Stripchat’s Business Development Manager.

The app supports a range of VR headsets
The app supports a range of VR headsets
“Stripchat is the first in the adult market to adopt and develop the feature to its fullest potential, channelling digital reality into a blues user experience, ” David added.

Stripchat users can now join a great XXX webcam model’s individual shows “as if basically entering a model’s room”.

Punters can then have voice interactions utilizing a microphone, and tip the models extra if installed on a particularly good display.

Rick known as the new service “the future of live entertainment”.

“We are not simply 3 DIMENSIONAL or stereo like ‘some’ other cam sites – we have true immersive experience, and we are ready to make a VR revolution in the located cam industry, ” he explained.

The app is designed for punters who want a more “immersive” experience
The app is designed for punters who want a more “immersive” experience
But industry experts warn that this sort of technology could have a damaging impact on males.

“The porn industry is always the first to hop onto new technology, so all of us shouldn’ t be amazed that they’ ve inserted the VR arena, inch sex expert Kate Taylor told The Sun.

“I worry that these sort of exciting, but remote, experiences do nothing to teach young men how to create and maintain real, adoring relationships.

“Research is also being done into how pornography might be causing long lasting impotence in heavy users, especially millenials who’ ve grown up with internet pornography, so all these advances in titillating technology might just be producing that problem much more serious.

“VR may also cause issues in relationships — if you are in the same house as your partner, although interacting with someone else, even only virtually, are you cheating, or not?

“Couples are going to have to set very clear limits into what they’ sexo gratis ll accept. I can see this technology being a short-term joy for some people, but probably causing long-term problems individuals. ”

This may not the first time we’ve heard about making love and virtual reality being merged.

Last year we all reported on a ‘sex helmet’ design that should make it possible to film first-person VR smut comfortably
Last year we reported on a ‘sex helmet’ design that should make it possible to film first-person VR smut comfortablyCredit: VR Bangers
Last year, The Sun reported on a space-age VR “sex helmet” that lets fans film their bonking periods in 8K virtual reality.

The wacky innovative creation is designed to capture warm action across a 300-degree field of view – to be replayed on virtuelle realit?t goggles later.

And in May last year, all of us spoke to XXX legend Brett Rossi, who exposed the inside secrets of filming VR porn.

“You are the only one whom talks. With VR adult movie, it’s a first-person perspective, so that you have to be the entertainer, very well Brett, who has starred in around 10 adult VR films, told us, describing her role.

Brett Rossi is a best VR porn star, and has performed in around 10 virtual reality productions
Brett Rossi is a top rated VR porn star, and has performed in around 10 virtual reality productionsCredit: BrettRossi. com
“You have to pretend like there is certainly someone there. There is somebody there, but you have to pretend like they’re communicating with you.

“But genuinely, the male talent that you’re employing is a prop, they’re just keeping an erection. They can’t converse, they can’t move, you have to do anything.

“They cannot touch you most of the time, they’re just there. So you only use him for your own gain. ”

In 2018, we reported over a ‘VR sex platform’ referred to as Vrxcity that promises to indulge your wildest sex-related fantasies in virtual reality
In 2018, we reported on a ‘VR sex platform’ called Vrxcity that guarantees to indulge your wildest sexual fantasies in online realityCredit: Central European News
Porn businesses want you to put your VR headset on and get ready to play
Porn organizations want you to put the VR headset on and prepare yourself to playCredit: Central European News
We now have even seen a virtuelle wirklichkeit “sex platform” that lets you skip with over 700 porno stars from the comfort of your settee.

“Vrxcity” expenses itself as an online universe populated with your fave adult film actresses, including Mango Akira, Bonnie Rotten, and Jessica Drake among others.

Just slip on a VR headset like the Ouverture Rift and use the controllers to indulge in simulated lovemaking encounters with the model (or models) of your choice.

These smutty scenarios will be held at in virtual sex retailers, strip clubs, and brothels where XXX stars will role play as prostitutes and strippers.

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Camasutra VR unveils eerily lifelike virtual porn stars
Users will also be able to create their own lustful smut for others to experience.

Me. mento 3D IMAGES, the Berlin-based startup at the rear of the ambitious new system, is using motion capture to digitally scan hundreds of porn actors and fashionistas.

That’s the same tech that’s used in Artist blockbusters to turn movie stars in to CGI characters (think Andy Serkis as Gollum).

Read about the porno firm offering virtual reality ‘ sex education’ to help ladies become better lovers.

Check out the new VR porn game lets you romp with sex robots in a porn ao vivo naughty science lab.

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And The Sunlight revealed how PlayStation VR ‘ will die’ not having virtual reality porn, according to the XXX industry.

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