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The objective of this Know Your Rights Guide is to assist you to realize your legal rights and choices if you’re experiencing harassment that is sexual work.

What exactly is it?

Take note: at the time of October 2019, ERA’s guidance & Counseling system is temporarily perhaps perhaps not accepting brand new employment-related inquiries. To learn more concerning this short-term freeze, click the link.

This guide isn’t advice that is legal. Laws and legal guidelines often change and certainly will be interpreted in numerous methods, therefore Equal Rights Advocates cannot guarantee that all the information and knowledge in this Guide is accurate because it relates to your circumstances.

Workplace sex discrimination comes in lots of types, but generally speaking this means that a member of staff or a task applicant is addressed differently or less positively for their intercourse or sex, or due to the fact individual is associated with a business or group this is certainly related to a specific intercourse or sex. Although the terms “sex” and “gender” have actually various definitions, laws and regulations against discrimination at your workplace usually utilize them interchangeably.

Often employees encounter discrimination for their something and gender else, like their competition or ethnicity. As an example, a female of color may experience discrimination at work differently from a white feminine co-worker. Continue reading