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Just How 13 Factors Why Dangerously Failed in Showing Assault that is sexual between

“Although the show in general spent some time working to contextualize committing committing suicide and also the rape of teen girls, this has done much less therefore with male-on-male intimate attack.”

With regards to films and television, you will find hardly any things we can’t manage. As being a fan that is longtime of horror franchises (I’ve seen every single Saw movie), it is safe to express I’ve stomached my reasonable share of distressing imagery. But there is however a scene within the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why — a Netflix show this is certainly no complete complete complete stranger to debate in terms of depicting unsettling scenes — that also I experienced trouble getting through, and that has remained since I watched the episode with me(and others.

Spoilers ahead for both periods one and two of 13 reasoned explanations why.

The scene at issue comes roughly midway through the season that is second and involves four guys: Tyler, a significantly creepy outcast at their senior high school, and three people of the school’s baseball group. Continue reading