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The guidelines for moving to Sweden for work differ based on your nation of citizenship, see below.

Typical to all the employees staying more than 6 months is asian girlfriend dating you can bring family.

Finding work permit

The principles for going to Sweden for work vary based on your nation of citizenship, see below. Common to all the employees staying much longer than 6 months is you can bring your household.

People of EU countries

Passport/ID is needed

As an EU resident, you may be eligible to operate in Sweden with out a license. You might also need the best to arrive at Sweden to take into consideration a task. Your loved ones gets the directly to join you in Sweden so long as you have right of residence in Sweden.

Whenever entering Sweden, you and any family that is accompanying will need to have a legitimate passport or nationwide ID card showing your citizenship.

Family from outside of the EU?

In the event your spouse/common legislation spouse/registered partner/dependent children/dependent moms and dads aren’t EU residents, they’re going to want to make an application for residence cards, but this could additionally be done after going to Sweden, during the time that is same you enroll your right of residence.

Long-lasting EU resident?

You qualify as a long-term resident and can apply, in that country, for a special EU residence permit if you have lived in another EU country with a residence permit for at least five years. This will make it more straightforward to go on to another EU country.

People of non-EU countries

The 1st step: an ongoing work license

Generally, residents from nations beyond your EU must make an application for an ongoing work license to exert effort in Sweden.

You can find a few exceptions to the guideline. People of Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, brand New Zealand, Southern Korea and Uruguay aged 18–30 can additionally apply for a holiday that is working ( website website link in Swedish) for approximately twelve months.

For work that persists significantly less than 3 months, residents of particular nations will need to have both an ongoing work license and a visa. Continue reading