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Their Wife Died When You Look At The El Paso Shooting And Then He Doesn’t Have Other Family, Therefore Hundreds Showed Up For Her Funeral

As you El Paso resident stated, the funeral has also been the opportunity for locals to demonstrate the globe — and themselves — “there is nevertheless good in mankind, that there’s nevertheless wish on the planet.”

Published on 17, 2019, at 5:12 p.m. ET august

Antonio Basco, whoever spouse, Margie Reckard, ended up being murdered during a shooting at a Walmart shop, is embraced at a visitation solution on night friday.

EL PASO, Texas — On Saturday morning, moments before Antonio “Tony” Basco buried their belated wife, Margie Reckard, he looked out in to the audience of mostly strangers standing with him at an El Paso cemetery. Continue reading