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Your entire hymen questions answered-What is a hymen, will it be an indication of virginity and will you inform it is intact?

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Despite its diminutive size and lack of function within the body, the truth that the hymen is frequently connected closely with virginity causes it to be quite culturally significant for a lot of.

But despite the fact that an intact hymen is considered to be an indicator of virginity, in truth that is not at all times the way it is – a ‘broken’ hymen isn’t, in reality, a certain indication a female has received intercourse. The hymen may be broken by tampons and even masturbation, plus one research discovered that just 43 % of women experienced bleeding if they had intercourse when it comes to very first time.

Consequently, no-one can really understand whether you’re a virgin or perhaps not aside from you – if this is apparently a matter of value for a prospective partner, it could be well worth asking yourself whether they’re the sort of individual you intend to rest with to begin with.

Cultural and social implications apart, there are many real things you may be interested to know concerning the framework associated with the hymen, along with any possible issues connected with it. We asked two expert gynaecologists from The healthcare Chambers Kensington to resolve your key hymen questions.

The event associated with the hymen

We talk to Pandelis Athanasias, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, concerning the hymen’s function:

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